Soda Lowers Dudes’ Sperm Count

Here in NYC everyone is freaking out because the governor, backed by the mayor, has proposed a tax on sugary drinks such as soda. But beyond just balancing the budget, it looks like this law could help guys in the sack. A Danish study found that men who drink a liter or more of soda each day have a 30 percent lower sperm count than dudes who didn’t drink it at all.Researchers aren’t sure if the soda is entirely to blame, though. This experiment wasn’t exactly controlled and guys who drank more soda also ate more fast food and fewer veggies. The lower sperm count could be due to an unhealthy lifestyle overall. Luckily, the caffeine in soda isn’t to blame because coffee didn’t have the same effect.

It seems like the list of reasons not to drink soda gets longer every day. Do you think there’s too much hype or are you steering clear?