Pam Anderson Hates Kate Gosselin And Other Reality TV Rivalries

reality rivalries g1 jpg
Let’s be honest, “Dancing With The Stars” hasn’t been a proper reality TV show until now. What was it missing? A heated rivalry between two contestants. Get ready for this season to get interesting because there is a rumor that Pam Anderson hates Kate Gosselin. According to the rags, Kate wants to be besties with Pam because she thinks they have a lot in common. Yeah, like personal lives that are in shambles? But the rumor is that Pam thinks she’s whack and has been making fun of her behind her back. It’s kind of like high school, only on TV and with sequins. I’ll be excited to see how this one plays out. After the jump, some of my favorite reality TV rivalries. Share yours in the comments. [Fox News]
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