Mother To Daughter: “Your Anorexia Is Not Welcome At Our New House”

I’m pretty shocked by this Daily Mail story about a British mother named Sue Blackmore who told her daughter that she wasn’t welcome in the family’s new home unless she kicked her eating disorder to the curb. Oxford grad Emily Troscianko had been battling anorexia for years and when her family decided to relocate she was given an ultimatum because, as her mom put it, “I didn’t want this sad, miserable, energy-sucking wraith casting a dark shadow over my new life.” Woah. Not surprisingly, after Mommy dearest freaked out, Emily’s weight plummeted. But in July 2008 she decided to get herself professional help. Her doctors encouraged her to increase her calorie intake and, as she did, the eating disorder’s grip on her lessened. Today Emily still worries about her weight but she’s healthy, with a BMI of 24.3.

OK, I’m happy to read a success story about anorexia any day, but I’ve gotta say, throughout this article, Emily’s mom sounds like a real creep. She admitted to thinking, “If she is determined to kill herself through anorexia, then so be it.” Later, Sue talks about how she thinks she could have coped if her daughter died.

The way the story is written, Emily’s mom, not Emily herself, is given all the credit for this amazing recovery. I really hope parents with anorexic kids don’t take this as parenting advice. I think the author should have given Emily more credit. The decision to get help for an eating disorder is a very personal one. A lot of the time, no amount of prodding from the outside can change someone’s mind about when to get treatment. This can be frustrating for people who care, but, luckily, Emily made the decision to get help. So the story should be about her, not her mother’s “tough love.” [Daily Mail]