Man Runs For Congress Against … His Wife?

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition between partners, but this is just too much. Democrat Linda Fischer is running for reelection in the Missouri House of Representatives and her challenger is her husband, John Fischer. They are the only two running so it’s guaranteed that they’ll go head-to-head but, wait, it gets better …Last Friday, Linda filed court documents that claimed her husband harassed her and got physical during an argument. She said he often uses violence as a mode of communication. In response John said, “I have never abused my wife, ever,” and offered to take a polygraph test.

John claims his wife’s protection order has nothing to do with his decision to run. He retired early and has decided to use his extra time to fight back against the Dems who, he thinks, are handling things poorly. He also wants to make sure Missouri’s workers aren’t getting the short end of the stick.

I just hope they hold debates. [News-Leader]