Beauty How-To: Wear Black Lipstick

Remember when your swept on black lipstick from the costume shop that Halloween you were a witch? Well, guess what? You’re a trend setter because dark dark dark lipstick is all the rage. Now the tricky part is staying on trend without making it an homage to a goth getup.

Choose a Foundation That Brightens Up Your Skin
Steer clear of cover-ups and powders that make you whiter. Pale skin plus black lips usually equals goth. If you are naturally pale, brushing on some bronzer can help transform your style from dark and dreary to daring and edgy.

Add Some Color To Your Cheeks
A rosy glow will keep you from looking corpsely. Use it sparingly and try to stick to more natural blushing colors. A dark red will only push you back into vampiress realms.

Line Your Lips In A Darker Color
Trace the lines of your lips with a deep burgundy or purple hue. Then fill them in with the lip liner as well. Not only does this soften the look by adding a little contrast, it helps the lipstick adhere to your lips.

Do Up Your Eyes To Match
Choose a lighter shade of eyeshadow, such as a paler pink or peach. This brightens up your eyes. Steer clear of darker shades as this will push you further into the Gothic makeup look. Top it off with black eyeliner and a couple coats of black mascara to tie in your lips.

Don’t Go All Black
When choosing your outfits for this makeup look, resist the temptation to throw on a black shirt and pants. The moment you start donning all dark ensembles, you have lost the battle of wearing black lipstick without looking like a Goth. Throw in some fun colors to keep the look from going too far over the edge.

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