What’s A “Kitchenista”?

Don’t have enough closet space? Join the damn club. Who amongst us does not trip over, like, three pairs of shoes each morning because we’ve got nowhere to store them?

But now The New York Post introduces us to the ladies and gentlemen who put our closet space woes to shame: “kitchenistas,” who use their stove, fridge and other kitchen stuff as extra storage for their wardrobe. Twenty-six-year-old Bari Musacchio tells the Post she keeps her heels in her fridge and seasonal clothes, like tees and sweaters, in her kitchen cabinets. Former Frisky blogger Zandile Blay keeps her jeans in her oven (her super turned the gas off, obvi). And yes, there are even some clotheshorse men who are “kitchenistas,” too.

OK, but if you are not using your fridge to store chicken thighs and 2% milk, that probably means you order all your food and drinks from delivery. And that’s ex-pen-sive! So “kitchenistas” might sound resourceful and cute — even thrifty for not moving into a bigger place. But let’s be honest: In addition to their 76 pairs of high heels, they probably also have some major moneybags. [NY Post]