What Rumors Have Been Spread About You?

Rachel Bilson discussed her sinus issues that turned into a pregnancy rumor in Cleo magazine, but that wasn’t the first time a rumor was spread about her. I mean, how can it be? She’s a celebrity. But even before Rachel became famous, folks were lying about her. She also told Cleo: “When I was in primary school, people thought I stuffed my bra, because I was so tiny and I developed a little early. So that was the first untrue rumor.”

I wish I’d had that problem. Instead, the first rumor spread about me was by a teacher at my elementary school. This teacher, who hadn’t taught me and was also the lunch room monitor, decided I had an “attitude problem” because I didn’t smile when she tried to force me to eat the nasty lunch. She’d sneer at me in the halls and tried to poison all the other teachers against me. Every September, my new teacher would tell me, “Miss So-and-So said you have a bad attitude.” I had to work extra hard to prove her wrong.

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough that my clique in high school had better things to do than spread rumors (but we weren’t above listening to gossip). And I only associated with a select few at my commuter college, but I wonder what other people’s experiences have been with the rumor mill. What rumors have been spread about you? How did it make you feel? And if you’re willing to share, have you ever spread rumors about anyone else? Tell us in the comments!