5 Reasons To Watch UConn’s Women’s Basketball Team Kick Butt

Each year I try to combine my limited college basketball knowledge with my feminine mystique in an effort to create an awe-inspiring bracket for the men’s NCAA tournament. Now, as March Madness reaches its full fervor with the Final Four games this weekend, I have only chosen one of the four teams correctly. So much for my mystique. I’m sure a lot of other basketball-loving babes are having more luck than me. But what’s more important than the women watching the tournament are the ladies who are working it. The Frisky already took a look at the stats, scandal, and slogans for the cheerleaders of the Final Four, but what about the females who are on the court fighting for their own Final Four? The Women’s NCAA tournament gets a significantly smaller amount of attention than the simultaneous men’s competition, but this year the action and athletics of the women’s championship is finally getting a little more public appreciation, thanks to the insanely talented women on the University of Connecticut Huskies team. Read on to learn about the team and how they are already making history. It is important to know that the Huskies have a history of dominating in basketball. The men’s team has won two NCAA titles, in 1999 and 2004, but were absent from this year’s tournament. That’s OK though, because the women are having enough insane success for the both of them. The team is currently ranked first in the east and is looking to be the top team in the country as they continue to blaze through the championship games, bombarding every team with their skills. What skills you ask? Here is a brief list of the team’s current accomplishments — there are many reasons to watch the Huskies try to work their way through the Final Four.

  1. This year they broke the NCAA women’s basketball record for most consecutive games won. The record was previously set at 70, a number which the Huskies not only matched, but continue to surpass. Currently the team has a 75 game winning streak going back to 2008.
  2. The Huskies broke their own record. It was Connecticut’s 2001-2003 team that set the previous 70 game record.
  3. The team has won their first four games in the tournament by a combined 188 points, the highest on record
  4. Throughout their streak, the Huskies have beaten teams by an average of 47 points. That’s a lot.
  5. The team has trailed in only one game, and that was by two points … for five seconds.

Those are five good reasons to root for the Huskies to win, not that they seem to need that much encouragement to pull it off. So if you want to take a break from all the men’s basketball binging, try replacing it with ladies’ hoops instead. Connecticut’s Final Four game against Baylor is on Apr. 4 at 9:30 ET on ESPN. Whether they win or lose, it’s still going to make sports history. So why not celebrate some successful female athletes for a change?