Let’s Play “Would You Rather”: Jesse James Or Tiger Woods?

Happy Passover! Did you all see the new pictures of Jesse James posing like Hitler? So charming. Oh, and one of his buddies just came out saying he had a foursome with him and suggests that Sandy get an HIV test. Sweet! But the good news is that Jesse is checking himself into rehab for drug, alcohol, and sex addiction. How do we know? He was pulled over by highway patrol on the way there for speeding and driving without a license plate. I know the question on everyone’s mind: which cheating scumbag would you rather have in your life: Jesse James or Tiger Woods? I know for me sex addiction trumps Nazi. Not to mention that my grandparents would die if I ever brought home a dude with a swastika tat. I never thought I’d say this, but I choose Tiger. Rap sheets for each after the jump so you can make an informed decision. And remember … rules of the game … you have to choose one. Share your best of the worst choice in the comments. [New York Post]Jesse James
Mistresses: Michelle “Bombshell McGee (tattoo model and pedal pumper), Melissa Smith (stripper), Brigitte Daguerre (photographer and fetish model), and unidentified fourth woman.
Rehab Situation: He checked in today for drug, alcohol, and sex addiction.
Other Indiscretions: White supremacy involvement, Nazi pictures, a messy divorce with offspring, possible sexual harassment case, alleged foursome with Michelle McGee, Skittles Valentine (taste the rainbow), and a dude.

Tiger Woods
Mistresses: Enough to make a pack of trading cards. I think the count is at 14. Do I really have to list them all? You get the point.
Rehab Situation: He completed rehab for sex addiction.
Other Indiscretions: Ambien sex, possible gay affairs, some embarrassing sexting, trying to bribe Elin with $300 million.