How Many Shoes Is Too Many?

How much do 6,000 pairs of Louboutins cost? Well, you can ask Danielle Steel, because given her red-soled addiction, she would certainly know how much each pair retails for. In a recent interview, Christian Louboutin let it slip that the novelist really, really loves his shoes.

“She comes to Paris, and she literally buys everything. Then she flies back to New York, says, ‘I’m a little disappointed — there’s nothing in the store,’ and walks out with 80 pairs.”

Countless trips later, Ms. Steel has accumulated over 6,000 pairs of Loubs! Most people would be happy owning just one set in their lifetime, but she’s a little bit more picky. With 365 days in the year, it’ll take Danielle Steel over 16 years to wear every pair if she struts around in one pair per day. Ready for the cost? You’ll want to sit down for this. At minimum, her shoe collection sets her back at least $2,970,000. And that’s using the price tag of a “lower cost” Louboutin shoe. As you know they can run upwards of $1,000, which means that Danielle’s shoe closet holds way more than an estimated 3 million dollars worth of shoes. Sure makes our shoe addiction look tame. [WWD]