Hey! Who Wants To Be A Honeymoon Tester?

The term “dream job” has a different definition for everyone. Mine would include some combination of kittens, meeting famous people, watching a lot of movies, and having people pay to hear what I have to say about those three things. My boyfriend’s dream job is probably to make a living by philosophizing about “Star Trek,” sports, and the supremacy of Dr Pepper over all other sodas. Our differences are obvious. But the website RunawayBrideAndGroom.com may have found an ideal occupation that could appeal to just about anyone. The position in question? A honeymoon tester or, as the site puts it, getting money “to sip champagne, while lying in a hammock slung between two palm trees on a white, sandy beach.” I. Am. Listening. Go on! To break it down into basics, the site is looking for a couple to travel the world and visit dream honeymoon and wedding destinations, taking a break occasionally to write about what level of ecstasy they have reached. The accommodations are paid for. The travel is paid for. Oh! And they are going actually give you $20,000 dollars to spend while on the job. It’s beginning to look like dream job is an understatement. How about an all-expenses-paid, life-defining, pleasure-fueled extravaganza of happiness? Throw in some kittens and I’ll start moaning.

There are a few qualifications that need to be taken into account. You have to have a passion for traveling, be able to enjoy life, and have a romantic companion to share this ridiculous road trip with. For those of us who are not curmudgeons, homebodies, or crazy, this job is overstuffed with appeal, but the issue of a boyfriend or girlfriend may be a problem. Well, what’s a better pick-up line than this: “Hey, if we start dating there is a chance you’ll get paid to travel to the world’s most romantic places, which will probably lead to you getting laid a lot!” OK, maybe that needs some work, but it sounds pretty darn alluring to me.

To get started on your inevitable application, visit the contest site here. Race you there!