Beauty Test Drive: REN Revitalising Night Cream

People consistently fail to appreciate the importance of a good moisturizer. If you’re having skin issues — whether it’s dryness, breakouts or something in between — you can bet that a lack of or improper moisturizing is to blame, at least to some extent. Amongst the biggest cream-related misconceptions is that people who break out shouldn’t use the stuff, or should only use lotion with acne fighters in it. False! Dehydrated skin is actually incredibly prone to breakouts and clogging from dead skin cells. Combat breakouts and dryness at the same time by adding a rich night cream to your regimen a couple times a week. We recently tried out REN’s all natural Frankincense and Boswellia Serrata Revitalising Night Cream. Rich though it was, it actually calmed our skin rather than irritating it further. After using it two to three times a week before bedtime, it added something of a glow to our winter-ravaged faces. Beyond that, it’s icky-chemical free, involves Frankincense (which is badass), and smells pretty. It’s not cheap, but it is less expensive than trying 50 different drug store products that are chock full of chemicals, smell weird and don’t actually make your skin look any better, right? [$55, REN, Sephora]