3 Juicy Tidbits From Vanity Fair’s Tiger Woods Expose

Well, you thought you’d heard it all about Tiger Woods and his sordid dalliances with over a dozen mistresses — but you would be wrong. Vanity Fair managed to dig up even more dirt on the golf great for a feature in their May issue — check out three of the biggest “revelations,” after the jump … 1. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Earl Woods has been lauded for motivating and training his son to be the stupendous athlete that he is, but he also may have handed down a penchant for womanizing (or as we seem to be calling it these days — sex addiction). According to VF, Earl loved the ladies too, despite being married to Tiger’s mom, and he also had a problem with alcohol, with sources saying he once got drunk at an awards dinner and gave a slurring speech.

2. Tiger has a large wang. Mindy Lawton tells the magazine all about their first sexual encounter and says of the superstar’s penis, “It was the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

3. A used tampon almost caused Tiger to get caught red-handed. Lawton also tells the magazine that during one sexual encounter with Tiger, she was on her period. He apparently had no problem parting the red seas, but her discarded tampon was picked up by a National Enquirer reporter (eww), but Tiger got off the hook by agreeing to do a story with the magazine’s sister publication, Men’s Fitness.

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