The Daily Ovulation: Say Hello To Our Little Friends

Everybody is talking about this kiddie version of “Scarface” that hit YouTube this week. In this stage version of the cult classic, a little Tony with a painted-on scar has piles of popcorn instead of cocaine and drops the word “fudge” instead of the f-bomb. No doubt Pacino would be proud. A mini Pfieffer in a blond wig calls Tony “a son of a B.’” Ha!
The clip was posted by Cindy from Illinois with the tagline “Jaydon’s school put on a kids’ production of ‘Scarface.’” Sure, “Scarface” may be wildly inappropriate for children, and, yes, this video may be way too precocious to be anything but a hoax, but who cares? It’s genius as far as I’m concerned. If it is real, I’m sure all of those parents were glad they didn’t have to sit through “Alice In Wonderland” again. Gotta give the audience what they want. [Daily Mail]