Russell Brand And Other Celebrity Groomzillas

groomzilla g1 jpg
I’m so tired of women getting a bad rep for being Bridezillas. Newsflash: Some of us ladies are not that into wedding planning and can manage to be brides without turning into raging loonies. On the other hand, we don’t spend nearly enough time chastising Groomzillas. You know, the new generation of grooms who say anything other than “uh-huh” when questioned about floral arrangements or even go so far as to show up at the altar in a velvet suit and turban. That really happened, folks. I don’t know about you, but I find that way scarier then an unstable woman in white. According to Katy Perry, Russell Brand is a bit of a Groomzilla. While Katy’s wedding prep includes cutting McDonald’s out of her diet, Russell is proving to be more of a handful, demanding that everything at the wedding be monogrammed. Ruh roh. After the jump, some more celebrity Groomzillas. [PopEater, People]
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