Frisky Manners: Spring Break Travel Is No Excuse To Forget Your Etiquette

Whether you’re on spring break or are yearning for a long weekend, you no doubt have travel on the brain. And while exploring a new place or returning to a favorite haunt can be really exciting, airplane travel can be downright annoying and frustrating. So to make sure someone doesn’t spend a whole flight plotting your murder because you’ve really pissed them off, we’re going to take a moment to focus on airplane etiquette. Remember how you felt when a fellow passenger made you uncomfortable.

  1. Carry your bag in front of you, so you don’t hit other passengers with it when you walk down the aisle.
  2. Don’t put your bag near the front of the plane in order to exit faster. There’s plenty of room above and in front of your seat.
  3. Sit in your designated seat.
  4. Don’t hog the armrests.
  5. And on that note, the person in the middle has the right to claim both interior armrests. They’re already stuck in the middle, so there’s no need to torture them by staking claim on their real estate.
  6. People still want personal space even on an airplane, so don’t invade it.
  7. If you’re going to remove your shoes to ease swelling, then they had better not smell. A pair of slipper socks can contain the scent, though.
  8. Don’t bore your neighbors with your life story. If they’re reading or wearing headphones, then they don’t want to talk to you.
  9. Use the arm rests when you’re getting up. Don’t grab the seat in front of you. Someone’s head is there, remember?
  10. Recline your chair slowly and only two inches.
  11. Don’t kick or knee the seat in front of you.
  12. Don’t constantly adjust your tray — it’s annoying to the person in front of you.
  13. Be mindful of using heavily scented lotions or perfumes while onboard. Some people have allergies.
  14. The same goes for eating pungent foods — put away the curry, OK?
  15. If your travel companion isn’t seated next to you or right across the aisle, then you don’t get to have a conversation. Sorry!
  16. Be careful when eating and drinking because stuff spills, and if you do spill something on someone offer to pay for cleaning.
  17. Don’t get drunk.
  18. Get your own reading material, instead of trying to read over your seat mate’s shoulder.
  19. You and your boo need to keep your PDA to a minimum. No one cares how obnoxiously you’re in love.
  20. A sleeping neighbor would rather you wake them politely than to climb over them as you head to the bathroom.
  21. If your neighbor needs to get up, don’t expect them to climb over you. Get up — it’s faster and safer.
  22. Don’t jump up to be the first one off. Wait your turn.
  23. If you see someone struggling to get their baggage out of the overhead bin, then help them.

Leave your suggestions for traveling politely in the comments and have a safe journey wherever you head next!