15 Signs It’s Time To Break Up

It can be hard sometimes to know when a relationship is over-over, or when you simply need a bit of a tune-up. Take the guesswork out of the equation with these 15 signs it’s time to break up, after the jump.

  1. A friend asks if you know anyone to set her up with and you immediately think of your boyfriend.
  2. You fantasize about the cute guy you see on the train every morning, but you can’t remember the last time you wanted — let alone had — sex with your significant other.
  3. You get a raise at work and your boyfriend isn’t the first — or second or even third — person you think to tell.
  4. You hate the way he breathes.
  5. When you imagine your life in five years, he’s nowhere in the picture.
  6. He’s been pressing for a threesome and you’re happy to have one … as long as he’s not there.
  7. He hit you.
  8. You have a hard time deciding between a vacation with your boyfriend in Costa Rica or a week-long conference in Baltimore with your co-workers.
  9. He’s obsessed with an ex-girlfriend.
  10. The only “date” you look forward to with your boyfriend is an “update” on how much longer he’ll be out with the guys and you’ll have the place to yourself.
  11. You find the stack of dishes in the sink — the ones he promised to do three days ago — more sexually appealing than him.
  12. You find yourself regularly cruising online dating sites just to “see what else is out there.”
  13. You let all his calls go to voicemail.
  14. You’ve already changed your relationship status on Facebook just to “see how it feels.”
  15. After you won the Oscar for Best Actress, you discovered he’s been cheating on you with a woman who has a forehead tattoo and posed for photos with a swastika armband.