Spruce Up Your Wardrobe With DIY Studs

Studs have been going strong for a while now, but lately we’ve noticed some innovation on the trend. Instead of sticking with classic pyramid nailheads, big-time labels like Prada and Givenchy are embellishing apparel and accessories with ornaments of different shapes. Carey Mulligan’s Prada Oscar gown had tiny scissors, utensils, and washers sewn in among sequins, and stars and spirals adorn a pair of amazing Givenchy heels.

These high-fashion items gave us an idea: Why not attach odd-shaped studs to clothes in our own closets? From boring sweaters to inexpensive Forever 21 dresses, adding different kinds of studs (available at craft stores and online — Kit Kraft carries a bunch) give plain clothes extra oomph. If you’re nervous about figuring out where exactly to secure the trinkets, use chalk to draw dots on the fabric so you can check the spacing before securing the studs. On cardigans, a row down the placket looks cute (and is hard to mess up), and if you’re feeling like a pro, try creating a dense collection that thins out down the garment, like Carey’s Academy Awards’ dress.

[Photos: Splash News, Jak & Jil, Kit Kraft]