Prom Goes Slutty Chic

With the spring season comes prom, meaning teenage girls from across the land will be stalking their local malls for the perfect dress for an evening of dancing and memories. But this year, instead of long A-line dresses and tiaras, girls are opting for the slutty chic look, complete with side cut-outs and bare midriffs. Somehow prom night has become a trashy evening in Atlantic City. In fact, at Saks Fifth Avenue, the most popular dress is a floor-length leopard print dress with side cut-outs by La Femme, sans back, that retails for $380. Now, when I was 17 and looking for prom dresses, my mom tagged along on all of my shopping excursions, sitting patiently in the dressing room while I played dress-up for her. Of course, my mother was there to make sure both she and my father would be comfortable with the outfit I chose–as well as my Catholic school educators. But, back then, the options to choose from were hardly risque, because, after all, that night we all just wanted to look like princesses, not call girls. [See how The Frisky staffers dressed back in the day. — Editor] So perhaps the real question should be: who are these mothers letting their daughters go to prom dressed like this? [New York Post]

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