Meet Auntie Vie, Pamela Anderson’s “DWTS” Inspiration

Pamela Anderson is one of our fave contestants on this season of “Dancing With the Stars.” Why? Of course the world’s most downloaded woman brings an unprecedented trashiness to the stage that makes us giddy, but what really tugs at our heartstrings is her inspiration for competing. Unlike the other contestants, she’s not doing this dancing thingy to get in shape, jump-start a dead career, or make her trashy new fiancé (ahem, Vienna) proud; she’s doing it for her eccentric Aunt. Yup. It’s her 85-year-old Auntie Vie who motivated her to put on that hot pink, sequined massacre and shake her silicon. “I’m doing this partly for my Auntie Vie, I know she loves the show,” she said in her introduction video. Then to our delight, they gave us a little clip of Vie Lindy hopping in her kitchen while rocking a black bouffant and too much blue eye shadow. She says she started dancing when she was 3 and at 85 years old, she still loves to dance and wants Pamela to feel the same joy that she has. Awww. After the jump, more about Auntie Vie from her New York Magazine exclusive.

This hawt, Canadian octogenarian brags that she used to “lose five pounds a night dancing” but now she has a heart condition and can’t cut a rug the way she used to. Since Pamela and her are very close, she even lived with her after high school, pre-“Baywatch,” Pamela is bound and determined to make Vie proud. Even though Vie thought she looked older on Television than she does in person, she got over it long enough to give Pamela a standing O in the living room and even did a little dance for her calling her performance “very sexy and very beautiful.” [New York Magazine]

OK, I don’t know about you, but Pamela’s got my vote. Fingers crossed for more Auntie Vie this season. Just another great reason to keep watching this cheesy TV show that we can’t seem to get enough of.