How To Impress Someone With Your Sports Knowledge

Sports newbies, get educated today! Learn what these women have done and still do to impress guys with their sports knowledge. Hint: Faking it is kind of lame and probably won’t work.

“I’ve found that guys like it better when they think they’re teaching you something. I don’t act dumb, but I do ask them to explain a few things. For instance, I might say, ‘I know what a down is, but what is the difference between a first down, second down, etc.?’ This way, they can see I’m not totally stupid, and it lets them feel like they are in charge in their little football realm.” – Jeanne, Denver, Colorado

“Learn it, don’t fake it. Some guys like teaching women, but answering the most obvious questions about sports? Not so much. Ask your friends, or pay attention to the basic rules of football, baseball and basketball. When you are knowledgeable about the general rules, you won’t be bugging your next potential boyfriend with annoying questions while he’s trying to watch the game! If you fake sports knowledge, he’ll know, and he’ll wonder what else you might fake.” – Nicole, Levittown, New York

“My favorite sport has always been basketball. I’ve been into it my whole life, so that comes easy, but I know that won’t be the case for everyone. Most people know something about at least one sport. Choose the sport you know the most about and draw on that. If you need to, study it some more and watch some games if you don’t already. You may even have fun while doing it.” – Lyn, Houston, Texas

“Study up and memorize a couple of trivia facts and little-known statistics for different sports. You may not be able to keep up the entire conversation, but for me, at least I can contribute something interesting to the conversation when we watch sports.” – Daphne, Raleigh, North Carolina

“When discussing sports, just simply share your knowledge. Then engage him by asking him questions. If you really want to impress him, try to find a question he can’t answer and answer it for him. My knowledge and love of sports has scored me some great guys and some free game tickets.” – Rose, Cleveland, Ohio

“Honestly, I know nothing about sports and can still impress the guys. My trick is to dress up in cute sports gear. I’ve done everything from a football shirt tied at my bellybutton to a glittery team letter or number painted on my cheek. One time I went to a Super Bowl party in a cheerleader outfit. Guys think it’s cute and don’t care that I don’t know about the players’ names.” – Renee, Glade Spring, Virginia

“Most guys don’t really want to hear about how cute the players’ buns are, so keep your observations to yourself. They also won’t be impressed if you talk about how sexy the players are, or about who the baseball players are dating. It’s better to keep your sports celebrity gossip chatter to a minimum, otherwise all you will impress the guys with is your superficiality.” – Li, Bernardsville, New Jersey

“Don’t memorize sports facts like they just came out of a book and then spout them off randomly while with a guy. This just makes you look silly or like you’re trying too hard.” – Lisa, Austin, Texas

“Watch and learn everything you can about one team sport. When I started watching college basketball and later pro basketball, I felt more confident talking to guys about the games. I still don’t know much about football, and it doesn’t matter because I can hold my own during basketball season.” – Francesca, Brooklyn, New York

“My best tip for impressing a guy with sports knowledge is to know what you’re talking about! If you don’t know the difference between a touchdown and a field goal, don’t try to act like you do. It’s fake and makes you look like an idiot. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I don’t know everything about the sports that I like, but I’m not afraid to ask, and guys I know seem to love it when they get to explain something about their favorite sport. If I have enough familiarity, I can ask questions and talk intelligently even when I don’t know everything.” – Tamara, Marion, Illinois

“After the guy I liked started dating my friend who grew up playing and watching sports, I decided to educate myself. I played along with my brother and his friends when they were using PlayStation (which was all the time). I learned everything I know about football from playing video games. If I had a do-over, that guy would have been mine.” – Bianca, Tucker, Georgia

“Sports are not much fun for a female if you do not have a clue to at least the basics of any game. Showcase your football sports knowledge by understanding offensive and defensive positions. Every woman knows what a quarterback does, but how about impressing him with your knowledge of what a wide receiver’s job is or that of a defensive tackle. There are tons of online articles and books that will educate you in the workings of any sport. Read up, crack a beer and enjoy the game!” – Cathy, Balwinville, Massachusetts

“Most of us know something about at least one sport. Just say you don’t follow whatever other sports and lead the conversation to the sport you know about.” – Sandy, Phoenix, Arizona

“Guys seem impressed more by my passion for sports than for my knowledge of the rules. The best advice I can give is to pick sides. When I started rooting for specific teams and chose favorites, guys seemed to dig it. It didn’t matter if they liked my choices or not, they liked that I cared about the game. When I started picking teams, sports were suddenly more interesting to me.” – Christina, Springfield, Illinois