How To Curl Un-Curlable Hair

I’m a self-loathing, straight-haired girl. I tried to hide it for years, but having recently found a hairspray that allows me to maintain some curl, I’ve come out of the closet. For the rest of you straight-haired ladies suffering in silence, take the jump for tips on how to curl your relentlessly flat locks. You won’t have ringlets all night, but there should be a definite sense of body and shape, even at the end of a long evening.

  1. After showering, spritz some volumizing spray into your hair near the root and comb through so it dispenses throughout.
  2. Blow-dry upside down, creating volume by holding the dryer close to the roots.
  3. Grab a large-barrel curling iron and strong hold hairspray (we love Aveda’s Firmata) and separate out a large chunk of hair, keeping the rest out of the way with a rubber band or clip.
  4. Working from the bottom up, curl sections that are about an inch wide, spraying hair spray on your fingers, then running them through the section to be curled each time. This will keep the hair more natural-looking and -feeling than just spraying directly on to each section.
  5. Once you’ve worked your way all the way around your head, comb your fingers gently through the ringlets, give your whole head a light hairspray misting, and be on your way.