Demi Moore Schools Kim Kardashian On “Pimping”

Last night, Kim Kardashian tweeted she was “big pimpin'” on a girls’ night out with her pals. Whether she was actually dancing to “Big Pimpin'” or just using slang that implies she was spritzing champagne all over strippers’ butts, it doesn’t matter. Why not? Because Demi Moore, aka Gloria Steinem, called Kim out on Twitter and schooled her on what “pimp” really means:

Demi makes a good point.

But Kim says, “Oh, oh, but it’s just a song! Songs aren’t real, silly!”

Then Demi makes another good point.

And Kim is, like, “I am such a post-feminist, I can use words like ‘pimp’ ironically. Duh. Shut up, old lady.”

And, finally, Demi crawled back into bed with Ashton Kutcher, who lovingly stroked her long armpit hairs while she read aloud from The Feminine Mystique.