Ask The Astrosexologist: “I’m Pregnant And My Baby Daddy Wants Nothing To Do With it!”

I’m a Scorpio and my ex is a Pisces. We’ve known each other (tenuously) since we were young. Every few years we’d run into each other, but timing was never right to date. Last November, we re-connected and began hanging out. I kinda helped him through a difficult surgery and after that we got into a habit of late night visits. That eventually stopped, then started up again in January.

Around the end of January, I told him I wanted more. I told him I liked him a lot, but I wasn’t going to wait around. He was NOT HAPPY. Then last weekend, I took a pregnancy test after I was late and dropped the bomb on my Pisces. It has not been pretty since. First he said it wasn’t his, then he didn’t believe me, and now he wants me to terminate. I can’t do that.

He got some devastating news about his job recently. Now he’s worried about paying his mortgage. He also had another major surgery in the past two weeks. He says he wants nothing to do with the kid or me. I NEVER thought he could be that kind of guy, especially growing up with his own deadbeat dad. My heart is breaking. I don’t want to raise this baby alone. The little bugger got through a condom to get here; I figure he has a reason! (Due 10.11.10) Can we make this work? Will Pisces baby daddy step up? Am I going to be alone forever? – Times Two

At this point you can’t worry about him (even though he obviously is the big elephant in the room), because as you have bravely chosen, you are going to have this kid and you are going to do it no matter what. This means this kid is your priority now and if Pisces wants to rise to the occasion, good for him. Otherwise, you have to start approaching this situation relying on what you know you have — yourself!

Luckily, the stars are totally behind you now and if you trust in yourself, you will see all will work out fine. Yes, there is going to be a lot of hard work ahead, but you will be able to form a support system of people around you who will be willing and able to help you love and raise your little Libra! As it goes, Jupiter, the planet of fortune, is in your astrological sector for children — which means your Libra is going to be a lucky addition to your life. Plus, since you have a Leo Moon (moon = emotions) and Mars (your drive) in Leo, you are a natural-born mother: protective, strong and powerful. All in all, your baby won’t need another parent, in case Pisces doesn’t come around.

However, since he is in a deluge of financial woes and just came off another major surgery, he is most likely stressed out of his mind and hopefully not thinking straight when it comes to anything. While, yes, he reacted poorly and there are no excuses for it, it’s not uncommon or even that unpredictable what he did. He probably felt blindsided and just freaked about it from a financial point of view. No matter, his reaction was wrong and insensitive — but since he is a Pisces, realize they aren’t the best at sorting their feelings out fast. They tend to react emotionally and wear it on their sleeves, being completely devoid of logic in the process.

While chances are slim that you will get the white picket fence life with him, once reality starts to sink in and he can go through his spectrum of emotions, he might rise to the occasion and at least be able to discuss with you what is going to happen and how to work out some agreement. If not, there are laws you can enforce to make sure he at least holds up his financial obligations. Otherwise, the only option now is to give him time, but keep your eye on the real priorities at hand — your new baby and the ways in which your life is about to change. Good luck!

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