Quotable: Dr. Oz Gives His Prescription For Remaining In Love

“The most important thing I can ever say to a married couple is reinvent the relationship every seven years. The person you’re married to will change, and so will you. Every couple years, when the biological handcuffs come off that keep us together – the oxytocin and all the chemicals that come together so they can bear children and raise them to five or six years of age — when that chemical wears off, you’ve got to reconnect emotionally. So I’ve been married to three women. It’s going pretty well … Being intimate with the people you love is critically important to longevity … the basic rule of thumb is that if the average American has sex once a week, you want to have sex at least twice a week. It increases longevity by about three years. For women, it’s more about quality than quantity. If you don’t have that loving, conjugal relationship with someone you can grow with in life, then you’re not fun and fearless.”

Dr. Oz, who has been married for 25 years, gives the secrets to a lasting marriage. [OK!]