Brush Up On Your Turban Tying Skills

When the first “Sex and the City” movie was released, the midnight showing garnered an interesting mix: 20-something girls with their friends alongside teeny-boppers dressed in their best prom outfits attempting to pull off the Carrie Bradshaw style. So if this is any indication of the audience we can expect to find for the sequel, then get ready for more imitations of the characters’ fashion choices and fake Cosmos in the theaters. But this time, taking the place of tutu dresses will be Carrie’s vacation-inspired outfits from Pat Field, including one very interesting, standout turban. So, in preparation, it’s time to get to practicing your turban-tying skills. [For some us who couldn’t be less excited about “SATC2,” it’s simply handy to know how to tie a mean turban. — Editor] Read on for step-by-step instructions.

  1. Fold large square scarf in a triangle shape.
  2. Drape scarf over the head and cross ends at the back of the neck.
  3. Wrap the ends around the head and tie in the center on top.
  4. Place longer end on top of shorter end and tuck under.

Just use this skill for vacation, not movie outings, and follow the link for more ideas and techniques …[Think Thru Fashion]