Pick Yer Artificial Insemination Movie, Here …

As weird as it may sound, pregnancy is so hot right now. Ever since the arrival of “Knocked Up” and “Juno” in 2007, we just cannot seem to get enough fertility-themed entertainment. Whether it be the adolescent slant of “16 and Pregnant” and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” or the scary stories of “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” the big guy’s little gifts are popping up everywhere. This spring/summer movie season is no different. There are two upcoming pregnancy comedies—”The Switch” and “The Back-up Plan”—with a bizarre twist. These new films are practically twins! Both these films take on the story of a single woman becoming pregnant by artificial insemination. But the likeness doesn’t end there. Both films take place in New York, include a love interest who isn’t the donor, feature pregnancy parties, and star a Jennifer (Aniston for “Switch” and Lopez for “Plan”). I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can handle seeing both these movies in such close succession. For that reason, I am breaking them down and pulling out the good genes and the bad, so you can decide which conception comedy you’d rather see, if either.

The Movie:: “The Back-up Plan”
Release Date: April 23
Good Genes: I always love a cute animal companion, especially when they have a disability. Also, Alex O’ Loughlin seems like a good movie match for Jennifer Lopez, unlike the awkward couple that was J.Lo and Ralph Fiennes in “Maid in Manhattan.”
Bad Genes: Too much icky and misplayed pregnancy humor. Between the dog fight for the fresh pregnancy test and the overdone water birth ceremony, I think this movie has a chance of falling flat where the studio wants it to be funny. Also, I am still unconvinced that Jennifer Lopez has any kind of acting talent, “Selena” aside.

The Movie:: “The Switch”
Release Date: August 20
Good Genes: The amazing co-stars that are Jeff Goldblum, Juliette Lewis, and Patrick Wilson. I have missed Jeff so much and I can only re-watch “Jurassic Park” and “The Fly” so many times, so maybe that makes me somewhat biased. The film gets extra points for having an adorable little kid, not to mention an overall more creative storyline than “The Back-up Plan.”
Bad Genes: At one point in time, this movie was going to be called “The Baster” and that’s just nasty. Also, I fear for the onslaught of Jennifer-Aniston-really-wants-a-baby press coverage that is going to resurge when this comes out, including some romantic tie to Jason Bateman, I’m sure. And as with most Jennifer Aniston rom-coms, this movie has a chance of just being blah.

My money is most likely going towards “The Switch.” How about you?