“The Real Housewives Of D.C.”: The White House Party Crashers And Others Rumored To Be In The Cast

Do the names Michaele and Tareq Salahi sound familiar? You probably know them as the “White House party crashers.” The Salahis are the couple that created a security frenzy when they were able to get into Obama’s State Dinner uninvited. In the media barrage that followed, White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers lost her job, and the Salahis place on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of D.C.” was apparently cemented. Though initial rumors about the Salahis’ role in the show were ignored by Bravo, it turns out that station already had the couple signed on for the show at the time of the State Dinner. Bravo is even said to have had cameras at the event to capture the Salahis’ illegal arrival. Now that the controversy and threat of legal action against the couple has calmed, Bravo plans to make the couple the center of new series, which premieres in July. [The Daily Beast]

But the Salahis are only one-fifth of this new installment of Bravo’s feisty franchise. After the jump, keep reading to see what housewives are rumored to be bringing some cattiness to Capitol Hill this summer.

  • Lynda Erkiletian: Lynda is the founder and CEO of a Washington, D.C. fashion agency, T.H.E Artist Agency. Her company represents over 500 models and stylists and is also involved with a number of charities. I’m hoping Lynda’s fashionista role means she has an Anna Wintour-esque edge, and that she’ll have the other housewives running in fear. [T.H.E Artist Agency]
  • Mary Schmidt Amons: A mother of five who also has her roots in the fashion world, Amons used to be a handbag designer but has since turned to the philanthropy side of the fashion world. She is founder of the charity organization Labels of Love, which raises money to fight poverty for women and children. Amons also founded The District Sample Sale, a twice-annual event where 100 designers sell their goods to benefit charities. Oh, and did I mention that all the fashion goodies sold are up to 90 percent off? Based on this information, I am naming Mary Schmidt Amons my favorite future housewife. [Labels of Love/ District Sample Sale]
  • Mia Abdo: Mia is the director of leasing at her husband Jim Abdo’s real estate company, Abdo Development. Mia is frequently found on the best-dressed lists of Washington. Her number-one fashion rule? “Comfort is everything.” Watch out, Mia! From what I’ve seen, being on a “Housewives” series is everything but comfortable. [Washingtonian]
  • Lisa Wernick Spies: She is the wife of famous Washington D.C. attorney, Charlie Spies. Maybe this means she will bring a little law and order to the “Housewives” franchise? Hopefully not. [RadarOnline.com]
  • The aforementioned Salahis: This couple was known in the capital before the White House gate-crashing incident. Tareq is the co-founder of America’s Polo Cup. Michaele has done some modeling in the past, but basically seems to have the job of showing up at parties. The Salahis were involved in a family-run winery that has now fallen into controversy as Tareq is fighting for ownership with his other family members. Overall, the couple is recognized for their socialite tendencies and for causing drama, which sounds like “Housewives” gold to me.

Does it sound like the D.C. cast has the chance to stand up to “Housewives” heavyweights like Atlanta and New Jersey?