Update: Frisky Community Changes

A short while ago, we released some refinements to The Frisky’s community tools that were introduced on Wednesday. We want to thank all of you for your valuable and spirited (sometimes apoplectically so!!!) feedback – it was very helpful. It heartens us to know that so many of you can get so hot and bothered over our little site! After the jump, a summary of the changes (and what’s still to come) …THE CHANGES:

  • Wider Commenting Area
  • Relocation Of Commenting Tools (Reply, Thumbs Up/Down, etc.)
  • Larger Avatars Within Commenting (sorry — this is as big as they get, folks)
  • Larger Mini-Profiles Within Commenting
  • Threaded Replies Open By Default
  • Post-A-Comment Form Moved Below Comments (big-time egg on our faces here)
  • Comment Timestamp Bug Fixed
  • “Follow” User Feature Fixed (there is no “Friending” — sorry for the confusion)
  • Increase In Number Of Comments On “Chatter” Page


  • Restoration of HTML Formatting In Comments
  • Restoration of Email Alerts
  • Restoration of User Search
  • Numbered Pagination Of Comments
  • Improved Profile Performance

We appreciate your patience as we continue to strive to improve the user experience on The Frisky.


- John