Shopping Guide: Happy Birthday, Dr. Martens!

doc martens openingceremony jpg
Iconic shoe company Dr. Martens is turning 50, and we’re suddenly filled with nostalgia. After all, if you were ever a victim of teen angst, chances are you remember a time when you stomped around in what you perceived to be some pretty intimidating boots. Hey, Docs seemed like a big deal at the time. Years before I’d even heard of a Christian Louboutin or a Manolo, these were, like, the most expensive shoes in the world. It took a lot of after-school job money to buy them. Once I finally got my hands on a pair, I wore them into the ground, at which point I began spray-painting them–thus giving the shoes new life–even if my DIY handiwork looked like crap. Over the years, like all of us, Docs’ image has softened a bit. They have tons of floral and other fashion-y designs that are more fun than anything else. To help celebrate their anniversary, they’ve collaborated with Opening Ceremony to create this rather stylish pair, available April 1. Click through for a few more notable pairs of Docs.
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