Quickies: David Beckham’s Achilles Inspires Poetry & Miley Cyrus Is Done With Music

  • A poem compares David Beckham’s injury to the one that brought down Achilles. [Telegraph]
  • Japanese officials refused to allow Hayden Panettiere to speak about whale conservation in Taiji, a town known for its annual whale hunt. [Newser]
  • Although Matt Damon loves his wife, he says she drives him crazy and quoted marriage as ridiculous. [Starpulse]
  • A woman was found not guilty for offering sexual favors in return for World Series tickets. [Google]

  • Miley Cyrus says she wants to move on from the music business because she thinks it isn’t as positive as she’d like it to be. [E! Online]Geri Halliwell admitted to a U.K. TV talk show that she nearly died from bulimia. [MyFoxDFW.com]
  • What’s the sensible thing to say to a man when he can’t get an erection? Here are some ideas. [Your Tango]