“My Spirit Has To Be In You,” Said Very Creative Fortune Teller/Alleged Rapist

I am not trying to make light of this news at all, but I see the word “fortune teller” in a headline and I have to write about it: Cesar Duran of Torrance, California, who claims to be a fortuneteller, has been accused of sexual assaulting two girls, ages 14 and 16, after “reading” their fortunes. The first victim, the 16-year-old, testified she met Duran on a street where her told her to pick up a leaf and crumple it so he could tell her fortune. The fortune Duran “read” turned out to be bleak—she would be lonely and bad things would happen to her family—and he allegedly told the girl, “I can help you, but I have to be in you. … My spirit has to be in you.” The second victim, the 14-year-old, said she met Duran at the first victim’s house. Duran allegedly told her she would be a prostitute, give birth to three kids and die before age 18 and said he could help her if she showed him her private parts.

Duran has been charged with nine counts, including forcible rape, lewd acts on a 14-year-old, and unlawful intercourse—and I hope they throw the book at him. I’ve certainly heard stories of sexual assault cases where someone offered to “help” a girl with a ride home or something, but never a case where someone pretended to be a fortune teller who could fix bad predictions with his healing sex spirit.

Ugh, I feel like I need to have a chat with my nephew and nieces about “stranger danger,” like, now. [CBS News]