Hello, Little Girls Can Be Doctors Too!

The debate over gender issues in children’s toys has been long-running. You know the “rules”: Dolls are meant for girls and trucks are for boys. Well, now an organization called Pinkstinks is putting up a fight against old stereotypes and targeting one store specifically–the U.K.-based retailer Sainsbury. You see, Sainsbury has been selling children’s dress-up outfits, including doctor’s coats, superhero capes, and soldier costumes labeled “boy” and nurse outfits labeled “girl.” Last time I checked this was 2010, not 1940, and my best girlfriend was in medical school. Thankfully, Pinkstinks got their message across, and Sainsbury has not only removed their gender-based costumes, but also plans to release a new line of clothing, sans boy or girl tags. A spokesman for the company said: “We made the change as we feel it isn’t acceptable to suggest that certain professions are the reserve of any gender.” What do you think? Justice served? [News Shopper]