Hilarious Beauty Contraptions You Really Need! (Not Really)

My mom, a staunch believer in “waiting until you really need it” to get your first face lift, uses these things called Frownies. They are large, stiff stickers you put on your forehead at night to ward off unwanted, wrinkle-causing face scrunching. They are ridiculous. But when I try to explain that to her, she starts rattling off their many benefits and dropping heavy hints that I should mention how good she looks for her age. (Admittedly, she does, but I’m not giving Frownies the credit.) Instead of getting in the argument all over again next time I visit home, I’ve linked her to the above video. Check it out for a hilarious look at Beauty Contraptions, because who wants to poke themselves in the eye with regular mascara when they can do it with vibrating mascara?!