Chanel’s Next Big Thing: Black, Gold And Velvet

Surely you remember the craze that was Chanel Black Satin nail polish. Lindsay Lohan seemed to lead the way, and next thing you knew, every actress under the age of 30 was wearing the color on the red carpet (for better, or in many cases, for much, much worse). The shade sold out quickly, causing half-empty bottles to be sold for embarrassingly large sums on eBay. It was a true nail polish frenzy, followed up by Jade, the greenish hue people were freaking about, and now it’s all about the brownish, taupey Particulier. Next up? Some gold shades that may or may not catch on and wait for it … Black Velvet, the matte cousin of Black Satin. A subtle difference to be sure, but make no mistake, hos will be going crazy over this stuff when it goes on sale next month. That’s not so hard to predict. [The Cut]