What’s (Potentially) In Sarah Palin’s Bank Account?

So, after weeks of talking to networks, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” has a new home on the Discovery Channel. Sarah will host the show that “will center on interesting characters, traditions and attractions in the 49th state.” But you know what’s way more interesting than the show itself? How much she’s reportedly making to do it. Reportedly, she is pocketing $1 million per episode. [People]

When she resigned out of nowhere as the governor of Alaska, many of us were shaking our heads wondering why the heck she would do that. But after the past year, Sarah has racked up serious dough by cashing in on the intrigue surrounding her and her family. And let’s just say it’s a lot more than the $125K a year she would have been making as governor. After the jump, we tally up what could be in Sarah’s bank account.

  • $1 million per episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” The show will be part narrative and part visual feast, a la “Planet Earth.” If this show has as many episodes as “Man vs. Wild” did first season—16—that’s a cool $16 million smackers. [People]
  • $5 million for Going Rogue. It’s never been confirmed, but that’s what the NY Times reported she got for the tome. It sold 300,000 copies in the first day—so she may even be getting royalties at this point. [NY Times, Free Republic]
  • $11 million for her upcoming memoir. Again, it’s a rumor—but this is what Palin reportedly made in her deal with Harper Collins. “It will be nice to put my journalism degree to work on this and get to tell my story, Alaska’s story,” she said of the deal. [ADN]
  • $100,000 per speaking gig. Sarah is signed with the Washington Speaker’s Bureau, which books her appearances at political rallies, colleges, corporate events, etc. Internationally, she can get more like $150K, but she gives a $25K discount off her usual fee for West Coast events. She’s listed as one of the services’ most requested speakers, so let’s guess, conservatively, that she does 10 this year. That’s a million dollars. [The Atlantic, Washington Speakers]
  • $500,000 for appearing on Fox News. When she signed on to be a Fox News contributor, Sarah reportedly made half a million. But that it just the beginning. If she increases her screen time, we could be talking millions, plural. [The Atlantic]
  • $100,000 for her In Touch story. When Sarah and Bristol appeared on the tabloid cover, proudly holding Trip and Trigg, the two got a nice check. Still, it’s small potatoes to them at this point. [Newser]
  • We tallied up the abacus-breaking numbers, and that’s a grand total of $33.51 million dollars. See what we mean?