What Are Your Springtime Resolutions?

Winter sucks. It’s officially over now, I know, but I’ve found myself thinking about its long dark days now that I’ve been enjoying my comfortable outdoor freedom. I’ve been stopping to smell the flowers (magnolias and not roses yet, it’s true, but the point of the saying remains!). I read a book on my porch, about Shakespeare’s post-mortem rise to fame! Suddenly, I find myself slipping out of grumpy carbohydrate hibernation and building up plans and goals. Which got me thinking … what’s with New Year’s resolutions anyway? You make them at the coldest and unfriendliest time of the year. No sooner have you resolved to run a mile then the skies dump a blizzard on you — so back inside you go. I propose a revolution. A springtime resolutions revolution! These are my goals:

  • Make a brisket for Passover. I’ve never done it before and I’m extremely intimidated. It’s inherited intimidation — my mother won’t make one either because she can’t make it like her grandmother. I feel like I’ll have generations of bubbies standing over my stove saying, “You want I should eat that for Pesach?” Oy.
  • I want to run ten miles. When I was in high school, I loved running. It was the only part of gym class that I was any good at. I’d breeze past the girls who gossiped as they walked their mandatory half-mile. I’d feel absolute freedom as I beat my feet into the ground and took my mind off of school. Then college came with beer and books and beer, and now I wheeze my way along. But this year, I’m signing up with my husband for the Broad Street Run. I’m not sure that I can do it. In fact, I’m almost sure I won’t be able to accomplish this goal by the May date, but I’m determined to be able to do it eventually.
  • That novel I’m supposed to be writing to earn my Master’s degree. I’m gonna write it. Look out, world. I’m gonna type at you!

That’s it. Those are my revolutionary springtime resolutions. By the time the days are sweaty and humid, I hope I can say I’ve gained ground in accomplishing them. How about you guys? What are your springtime resolutions?