Quotable: The Real Reason Women Want A Big Rock

“The real reason, and I mean the REAL reason why we all want largest available ROCK is to because we want it as a weapon. A social weapon. We want to able to scratch with ethernal jelousy [sic throughout] and envy the heart of our current future female friends and enemies, so, even when we will turn into a fat, ordinary, ugly and old woman in the next 60 years, we could always, always make an subtle movement with the hand, reach something, wave good bye, just anything, so the light catches an edge, deflects on one or two faces of the stone, just make a sparkle or bling, just for a instant. But that instant, brief as a blink, is enough for us to remember our capacity to be at the same level of most females of our class. May be even dismiss all smaller stone ringers. That subtle moment will last a tenth of a second. But in our hearts the power will remain constant as well as our sweet thoughts of you giving, for giving us that power or illusion of power.”

— A commenter on Slate in response to this “Dear Prudence” column in which a broke grad student writes that his girlfriend, whom he plans to propose to, wants a “moderately good-sized ring” that he can’t afford. So, what are your thoughts on the matter? Does the size of a rock matter to you? If so, why? The rock in my engagement ring is tiny — maybe 1/4 carat or so, but I love it and it belonged to my great-grandmother who got it during the Depression when everyone was broke. To me the sentimental value is worth far more than monetary value. Then again, I’m not trying to cut a bitch. [The Awl via Slate]