On To Bigger And Better Things? 10 Celebs Who Left Hit TV Shows

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I know you are really, really upset—but can you stop crying for a second so we can talk about the fact that Katherine Heigl is finally leaving “Grey’s Anatomy”? Long overdue, as far as I’m concerned. She has been annoying me since day one. How bad can the job really be? Hmmm, let’s see. You get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to show up on set for 12 episodes—then you get half the year off. Yeah, I think I’d quit too.

Her publicist claims she’s out of there because she wants to spend more time with her newly adopted daughter, and that becoming a mother has “changed [her] desire to work full-time.” That’s sounds like sunshine and moonbeams and all, but the truth is that she’s been petitioning to get Dr. Izzie Stevens written off for the last three years. Since her BFF T.R. Knight left, I suspect. At least we can have some fun imagining how they might get rid of her. Drug overdose? Amnesia? Doctors Without Borders? Sex tape? Fun! Anyways, considering her last few movies were ludicrous rom-coms and she has a rep for biting the hand that feeds her, I’m thinking she may not be too popular in Hollywood after this. [E! Online]

After the jump, some other celebs who have left cushy TV jobs for bigger and better things. Let’s see how they fared.

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