10 Stars Whose Relationships Went South Once They Found Success

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Tabloid magazines should have a mandatory pause in their work day to silently appreciate all the fodder the Kardashian sisters continue to create for them. The most recent story, which I’m sure we’ll all be seeing in big yellow letters soon, is that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have broken up, again. Since Bush’s Super Bowl win, the couple has been caught up in a tide of rumors over possible marriage proposals and baby gossip, but it seems that all that conjecture can be put to rest. Bush has made it clear that the two will never make it down the aisle because Kardashian is “too ambitious.” The Saints superstar is supposedly looking for a woman to stay at home and keep things in line. Which leads me to wonder why he even dated poor Kim in the first place. After all, this is a girl determined to make a name for herself between the show, exercise tapes, diet program, cupcakes, fragrance, clothing, and skin care line. Kudos to Kim for not sacrificing her success in exchange for settling down. [Gawker]

It is unfortunate to see a successful young woman denied love just because she is out there getting things done. It is a breakup trend that is ever present in the dating world, and one that celebrities can get hit by, too. Take a look at some leading ladies who have had their relationships come to a not-so-nice halt just as their careers went on the rise.

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