Things We Wish We Knew About Womanhood At Age 18

Yesterday, Esquire magazine’s Twitter feed asked its readers, “What about manhood do you know now that you wish you’d known at eighteen?” The response from a writer I know caught my eye — “Good credit is better than good sex!” — and I thought, Hey, that doesn’t just apply to manhood! That applies to womanhood, too! So I asked my fellow Frisky bloggers to answer this question:

What about womanhood do you know now that you wish you’d known at 18?

Our responses, after the jump …

Sex should be pleasurable! If you’re not enjoying it most of the time, then find a guy who’s more sensitive and caring to sleep with.” — Jessica

“It would have been really helpful if someone explained the consequences of having student loans more clearly and how it wasn’t ‘free money’ and stuff, so that over the years I would have avoided paying so much interest. (Maybe someone did, but I don’t think I was interested at the time.)” — Erin

“Be extremely careful who you allow to take nude photos of you.” — Anonymous

“Once you start working post-graduation, you have 40 more years of it coming, so do not get down on yourself if things don’t happen instantly. — Kate

“That you probably won’t have the American Dream by 25 unless your parents arrange a marriage for you and pass down their uber-successful business.” — Annika

“Nothing outside of yourself will ultimately make you happy. That all happiness is generated from within and will not come to you through, guys, career, kids, or any life circumstances.” — Ami

“It gets way harder to meet new people post-college, so explore and talk to all the new people you can.” — Kate

“Waiting around for an immature or inconsiderate guy to grow up is just not worth your time. There really are PLENTY of fish in the sea, especially when you’re 18.” — Jessica

“You really can get pregnant if you don’t use protection even if you’re young, in love and think the world revolves around your happiness.” — Anonymous

“I wish I had known to always love my body for what it was and to not compare it to others and worry about what wasn’t ‘perfect’ about it. And, I wish I had appreciated it more and realized that I’d never be so carelessly fit like that again. Because, dang, it was glorious to eat Taco Bell at midnight and gorge on diner breakfasts without worrying about exercising, calories, heart health, and all that jazz!” — Joanne

“You will eventually get over your first love who broke your heart so many times … and many years later you’ll just throw his jail missive in the trash.” — Annika

“All the money you spend on poorly made clothes from Forever 21 that fall apart in the washing machine would be put to better use in a savings account.” — Jessica

“Most of the superficial and social things you think are so important will actually be irrelevant in almost no time at all. It’s okay to calm down a little on those fronts.” — Lily

“I wish I had known that my body would start failing me before I even turned 30. Be nice to your knees, and stop cracking every joint!” — Catherine

“Take time to travel before you start working. I wish I had spent a summer backpacking through Europe or South America before I had the responsibilities of, you know, a job and a dog.” — Amelia

“I wish I’d known how hard it was going to be.” — Susannah

What do you wish you had known about womanhood when you were 18? Tell us in the comments.