New ABC Family Show “Huge” Stars Nikki Blonsky … At Fat Camp

Those of us who got a kick out of John Waters’ “Hairspray” remake have been wondering just what breakout star Nikki Blonsky is up to. The good news? She’s been cast as the lead in a series on the ABC Family channel that will premiere in June. The bad news (I think)? The show is called “Huge” and takes place at the fictional Wellness Canyon, a weight-loss camp for teens.

Geez Louise, why does the plus-size actress have to be on a show about fat camp? “Huge” will be based on a book by Sasha Paley and Blonsky will star as Will, a funny and opinionated girl who is sent to fat camp by parents who own a chain of fitness centers. Hayley Hasselhoff (yes, The Hoff’s daughter) co-stars as Amber, a skinny, hot girl who thinks she needs to lose weight. Zander Eckhou also co-stars as a college student/assistant fitness counselor who has the hots for Amber. (The “skinny” girl. Of course.)

I’m pleased that “Huge” will give plus-sized actors and actresses work and put the unattainable body types on television that we don’t usually see — it’s hard out there for thicker thespians. But with Blonksy on “Huge” and Gabby Sidibe on “The C-Word,” there will actually be at least two plus-size actresses on TV.

But it’s still lame that “Huge” will be set in a weight-loss camp, of all places. Why can’t we see a bigger actress like Blonsky some place more typical, like at her high school or just a regular camp? Does she really have to be someplace that’s just focused on her weight? There’s more to plus-sized people than their size, but putting a show on TV that takes place at a fat camp doesn’t do anything to dispel that stereotype.

My cynicism could be off base, though: “Huge” will be written by the creator of “My So-Called Life,” Winnie Holzman, and her daughter, Savannah Dooley. I doubt the “My So-Called Life” lady would shove a bunch of body-hating crap down our throats. [The Hollywood Reporter, Jezebel]