Kate Moss’s Hands Aren’t As Beautiful As Her Face

Megan Fox isn’t the only beautiful face with hands that are less than camera-ready. Gemma Howorth, the hand model who has subbed for Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Rose Byrne, and Natalie Imbruglia, told the Daily Mail about her unlikely job, which pays up to $3,000 a day. Gemma has very long nail beds and slender fingers, which make her hands so attractive. Since her hands are the 25-year-old’s livelihood, she keeps them covered in cotton gloves when she spends time in the sun (with SPF 60 further protecting them), moisturizes 30 times a day, and never has to do the dishes.

But don’t think being a hand model is as easy as letting someone else wash the dinner plates:

“I was on a shoot with Rose Byrne for Max Factor and I had to lie on top of her for about three hours. I had to put my arm and hand to look like it was part of her body and I had my little finger in her mouth.”

You’d think celebs requiring the help of a hand model would feel bad about themselves, but this isn’t always the case. “Some people think ‘what’s wrong with my hands,’ ” Gemma said. “But Kate [Moss] was a professional.” [Daily Mail via NY Mag]