Jake Pavelka’s Former Girlfriend Says He’s A Fame-Hungry Dog

Almost as soon as Jake Pavelka stood up from asking Vienna Girardi to marry him on the season finale of “The Bachelor,” one of his exes started saying anonymously that Jake only did the show for fame, that they were in touch during filming, that he was contractually obligated to propose, and that he had called and said he loved her after he returned from filming. Now, said girl has decided to go public. Her name is Tanya Douglas and she is 24. She met Jake when she flew on one of his flights and he slipped her a note with his number. She says the two started dating in 2008 and broke up when he went on “The Bachelorette.” They got back together when he returned.

After the jump, the juicy details she revealed in this week’s Life & Style.

Tanya holds tight to the story that Jake didn’t do “The Bachelor” for the right reasons. She says, “He told me, ‘I know a way I can get out of this financial burden—I could be ‘The Bachelor.’” He also claimed he’d talk to producers about getting her cast as one of the contestants. “He said, ‘Then it’s rigged for me the whole time, and in the end we can still be together and have the money. I’m not going on the show to find love. I’ve found the love of my life with you.’”

Tanya says that Jake was paid half a million to do the show, and that he is obligated to stay with Vienna for 30 days. “Vienna is being lied to,” she says. “The person Jake is on TV is a different person than when he was with me. I don’t think he has any idea what he wants except to be on TV. If staying with Vienna means more TV time, I think he might stay with her.” [Celebitchy]

Do you believe this story? I have read a lot recently about how badly pilots are paid these days. And if he doesn’t want a showbiz career, I’m just not sure why he would’ve gone on “Dancing With The Stars.”