What Is Pedal Pumping And Why Is Michelle McGee Doing It?

So along with being a homewrecker, possible white supremacist, and Sandra Bullock’s least favorite person in the world, Michelle McGee can add another title to her skanky and bizarre resume: pedal pumper. Sounds kinky, right? The tattoo model-turned-mistress wrote on her online profile for “SoCal Glamour Girls“: “My feet are perfect and I still get a lot of foot fetish requests like pedal pumping and fruit crushing.” Now the fruit crushing sounds pretty self-explanatory and very sticky, but what in the beejebus is pedal pumping?

Pedal pumping is a fetish where men go crazy watching a woman try to start a difficult car. While most people find all this brake stomping and key turning annoying, a select group of guys finds it really arousing. As sexologist Dr. Susan Block explains: “The basic kinetic movement is a masturbatory motion: the muscles releasing and contracting as the foot rubs repetitively against a phallic symbol, which is the gas pedal. Men think of themselves as cars.” If were a man, I would think watching someone slam on a brake would make me cover my crotch, but this relatively large group of fetishists has the opposite reaction.

And this group has quite the online community. For those men who can find a lovely lady willing to kick-start a car for their amusement, there are thousands of virtual vixens to choose from. A Google search for pedal pumpers will give you an array of sites that all have the similar promise of providing you the best and biggest array of pumper videos. The most mind-boggling part of these videos is their variety and specificity. On YouTube alone you can find videos featuring pedal pumpers who have lilac-painted toenails, who are cartoons, who have dirty feet, and who wear flip-flops or wedges. For a fetish that doesn’t seem that well-known, these followers have a lot of options.

So, after learning about the weirdness that is pedal pumping, it actually seems perfectly normal that it is something that McSkeevy is a part of. Maybe Jesse James had a thing for bad brakes and fantastic feet? It is the best answer I have for a man who made the poor life choice that is Michelle McGee.

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