Weigh In On The Frisky’s Community Updates

As you may have noticed, yesterday we rolled out the first phase of a four-phase plan to give you, our beloved users, expanded features and tools to interact with each other and contribute to The Frisky in new and deeper ways. In this first phase, we replaced the old comments and profiles system.

Yes, we know the new system has been agonizingly slow at times and still has some bugs to be squashed. Hard though it may be for some of you to believe, we find this more annoying than you do. We’re working hard to improve things, and want very much to get your feedback. After the jump, an overview of changes, tweaks still to come — and your input, please.

  • Threaded Discussions: You can now reply directly to individual comments, reducing the need to “quote” other users – making threads easier to follow.
  • Mini Profiles: Mouse over any commenter’s avatar and you can see a condensed version of their profile.
  • Sorted Comments: You can choose the order in which comments appear.
  • Scored Comments: You can now give thumbs-up or thumbs-down to comments, making it possible to sort by quality.
  • Comment Sharing: Ability to email, link to, and share individual comments on all major social networking services.
  • Social Cross-Posting: Ability to automatically cross-post your comments directly to your Facebook and/or Twitter walls.
  • Vastly improved abuse reporting for spam, hate speech, trolling, etc.

FORMATTING: One big step backward, we realize, in this version of commenting is the elimination of HTML formatting – the ability to make text bold, italicized, add links, etc. This was an unavoidable temporary compromise, and rest assured we are working actively to restore this feature as soon as humanly possible. (We hate it, too!)

Overall, you’ll find your profiles completely reworked and filled with new ways to interact:

  • Ability to follow other users and to allow other users to follow you
  • A “Wall” which displays all your comments, the comments of people you’re following, and public messages posted for you by others
  • Ability to recommend users through profiles
  • Ability to connect to your Facebook & Twitter accounts for instant cross-posting of comments
  • Profiles with larger user photos

Coming soon in later phases: the return of forums and many more features you’ve taken the time to thoughtfully request from us.

But in the meantime, we know there’s still some work to be done in getting this latest release in ship shape – and we look forward to incorporating your invaluable input as we continue to refine this experience. We’ve heard some of your feedback already (comments layouts being revised as we speak! comment timestamp bug being hunted down!) – and are eager to hear more. So please, hit us with your kudos, questions, and viciously crushing criticism here! We can take it!


- John

UPDATE: For those of you encountering the error “We’re sorry. This user does not exist in our system.” when you click “My Profile” at the top of the page, please clear your browser’s cache and cookies!