Gays Get Their Flash Of Wedding Mag Fever In “Equally Wed”

Gays should be allowed to marry because it is their civil right to do so. But also because they, too, should have to deal with the dreaded wedding magazine onslaught that comes each spring. (Trim your tummy before the big day!, 10 ways to get him involved! Kill me now, please?) Introducing Equally Wed, a same-sex wedding mag for both gay and lesbian couples. There are articles about gay-friendly honeymoon destinations, how to buy a masculine or feminine tux, and, of course, tons of gown/bridesmaid/ring stuff. There’s even a state-by-state guide to places where same-sex marriage is legally recognized! Not only are we psyched gays now have to suffer the same bridesmaid dress foolishness that we have to, we’re psyched so many vendors in the wedding biz are embracing our lesbian and gay loved ones, too. Maybe where retail goes the law will follow? [Equally Wed]