5 Perfectly Good Reasons To Sleep With Him On The First Date

Oh, there are just rules for everything, huh? Floss after every meal! Don’t wear white after Labor Day! If you’re going to pick your nose, do it in private! As Mischa Barton knows, rules are meant to be broken and there’s no bigger one to break, in my book, than that whole “don’t bone a dude on the first date” rule. Sure, there are plenty of decent reasons to resist doing the horizontal mambo right away, but there are just as many to justify dropping your drawers and getting it on tout de suite! Here are five. 1. It Might Be Your Only Chance
When I was in college, I had a crazy fire burning in my loins for a guy that I worked with on my college newspaper. I just had to experience some sort of physical intimacy with him, consequences (heartbreak, post-coital awkwardness, etc.) be damned. When the opportunity presented itself — in the form of me getting a little tipsy and pushing him up against a brick wall in order to kiss him — I seized it. I knew full well that my brazen behavior could cost me any further opportunities with him, but I also knew those opportunities were hardly guaranteed. This one time was. So. Worth. It. But I had to be OK with it maybe not being worth it in the first place.

2. To Weed Out The Sexists
Some say that a guy won’t take a woman “seriously” if she gives up the cookies on the first date. Guess what? I don’t take guys like this seriously because they are gross, sexist hypocrites who will eventually reveal themselves as such whether you sleep with them on the first date or the 50th — better to find out early, right? Time is a-wastin’!

3. To Get Laid, Duh
Guess what? Women like to have sex too. And sometimes, shocker, we don’t spend hours and hours obsessing over OMG-what-might-happen-if-we-do-it — sometimes we’re … how do I put this … what’s the word? Oh yeah. Horny.

4. Test Your Sexual Chemistry
And by that I really mean “find out if you’re compatible in bed.” You can spark all you want with someone, but, when push comes to shove, if they can’t get you aroused, you’re in trouble. I really don’t see the point in delaying that inevitable discovery. Do archaeologists spot, like, a dinosaur bone and then say, “You know, I don’t think we should dig it up and identify whether it’s a triceratops or a stegosaurus for another three weeks”? No. They don’t. Don’t try and find flaws with this argument. It’s completely irrefutable.

5. Once Is Enough
I have this theory that when men have little boy babies, they sneak into their rooms at night while mom is sleeping and whisper in their tiny, impressionable ears, “When a woman has sex with you, she will always want to come back for more.” Movies like “Fatal Attraction” only reinforce this stereotype that once a woman meets a penis she has to make it her best friend. Seriously, sometimes we’re totally fine and cool with only having sex with someone once. Therefore, fornicating on the first date is just efficient day planner management.

Ultimately, only you can decide for yourself if sleeping with a guy on a first date is a good idea for you and what you want from him after the sex is over. Oh, and don’t be stupid. Use a condom. STDs and accidental pregnancies take the fun out of brunch the next morning.