Worth The Splurge: Candela Wingtips

Man shoes for ladies have become almost unavoidable fixtures in stores and on the feet of cool girls. So while they were a bit of a challenge to find just a couple years ago, there’s now a plethora of options, some much, much better than others. Amongst the chosen brogues are those by New York brand Candela. They run about $200 to $250, so they’re not freebies. But they are glorious. I scooped up the lovely lace ones above (though in black), but if lace isn’t so much your steez, you’ve got mesh, silk and leather options, too. The soles are leather, the shape sleek and the designs trend towards the unusual. So just say no to those cheap, clunky brogues you’ve been considering and invest in the most ladylike man shoes around. [$220, Candela, Saks Fifth Avenue]