With KattySaks, Kitty Can Use A Litterbox Discreetly

A house cat is a wonderful thing: they curl up in your lap, they gaze pensively out the window, they wind their tails around your legs. But the litter box part? Not so much. Unsightly, stinky, and in the way no matter where you put it, a litter box can be a real pain for everyone but Kitty. Now a company called KattySaks has created a line of fancy kitty litter box covers that may not conceal the box but sure turn it into something far more dramatic. Le Dresser (seen here) is for that feline with a thing for antiques. There’s another one that converts the box into a “surf shack,” which I guess fits with the whole litter/sand thing. And yet another looks like a “beach bus”: “Hop on the bus and become the coolest cat at the beach!” At $39.99, they’re a relatively inexpensive way to hide the box, contain the odors, and keep your cat feeling special. [KattySaks via Apartment Therapy]